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The Horngate Guarantee

All products (excluding DVD’s, Blu Ray Discs, Video Games) sold by Horngate Pty. Ltd. include a guarantee to be functional, as described, at the time of sale for 1 month. Any defects that Horngate Pty. Ltd. is aware of before sale may be noted on the receipt and are not covered under this guarantee.

Should the consumer find a product to be faulty or not as described at the time of sale they may return the item to Horngate Pty. Ltd. for assessment.

Horngate Pty. Ltd. will determine, at no cost to the customer, whether the product is faulty and the cause of the fault within a reasonable time frame. Should the product be determined faulty through no fault of the customer, then Horngate Pty. Ltd. will determine if the fault can be repaired within a reasonable time frame and to an acceptable degree. If repair is not feasible, Horngate Pty. Ltd. will exchange for another item of equal value. Should replacement not be an option, Horngate Pty. Ltd. will refund the purchase amount in full.

To take advantage of this guarantee the customer must have their receipt as proof of purchase with them.

Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law may extend beyond this guarantee.

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