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Did you know you can bring your car, boat or motorcycle in for an appraisal to Horngate Pawn Brokers? Based in Gosford on the Central Coast, we’re centrally located with convenient opening times from Monday through to Saturday. Please call first or fill out the form below, and we’ll be happy to schedule a time to view your vehicle. Responses are super quick, and all vehicles are securely stored. Get cash for your vehicle today!


Step 1:

Give us a call or visit us

Step 2:

Provide ID and registration papers of vehicle

Step 3:

Loan is processed

Step 4:

Your vehicle is stored and secure

Step 5:

Cash is provided to you

Car Pawn Loan

Loans against all makes & models.

Bike Pawn Loan

Get fast cash for your motorbike

Boat Pawn Loan

Bring your boat to us for an appraisal.

Please fill out the form below or call us today  |  Same day responses given on applications  |  All vehicles are securely stored

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Mobile Pawnbroking

We Now Pay Cash AND Collect Your Goods!

Horngate Pawn Brokers are now offering a pickup service! If you need cash for your items but find it inconvenient to bring them in, we can pick them up for you.

So what are you waiting for?

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